Defend Toggle Confusion

I’ve been trying out the newest unstable build on steam (Not yet sure how to determine build number).

Just had a goblin hit the town. Hit the defend button (and submenu item). Townfolk went to town on it, really really cool. The alert was up in the top left letting me know the town was in defend mode.

After that I got pretty confused how to turn it off. Clicking the notification did nothing (well opened up a debug panel). The Defend menu/submenu just said defend the town. Can the submenu be changed so it’ll say that clicking the defend button will turn off defend mode, instead of saying it’ll turn it on? Does that make sense?

PS, I couldn’t find a proper thread for this, so hopefully its in the right place.

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Hm that’s actually not a bad idea. It would reduce confusion. Like maybe instead of having a separate “stand down” button, the rally button changes appearance to let you know you can click on it to turn the rally off.

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Probably belongs in Suggestions actually. @SteveAdamo / @Geoffers747, a move perhaps :slight_smile: ?

done and done! :+1: