Dead Hearthling on ladder cannot be rescued, Tombstone name is different

**A hearthling died on a ladder, Troops will not rescue. When the hearthling dies the tombstone shows a different name than who actually died.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get a hearthling to die on a ladder, Either by an enemy or by cutting off their route while on ladder so they get stuck.
  2. Hard to reproduce.

Expected Results: Hearthling will be rescued?

Actual Results: Hearthling dies. Tombstone doesn’t display the correct name of the person that died.



Version Number and Mods in use: Alpha 20 Release 699

System Information: Windows 10, Intel i7 2600k, 16 gigs of ram, Geforce 760 gtx,

Hi @wallofchaos. Out of curiosity, if you remove the ladder, does the hearthling become rescuable?

Might you also have a same game where this condition is present so the team can test?

I’ve tried to reproduce this, but the name always appears correctly on the tombstone.

If you remove the ladder he will fall to the ground and become rescuable.

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The need to do this is a bug. Correct?

Yes, and it is already logged, Chris is aware of it.

The problem is rescuing on narrow spaces. Hearthlings need at least 1 block next to the incapacitated hearhling in order to stand there to be able to rescue him.

For example, in this two cases, hearthlings don’t perform the rescue:

If the ladder on the column was 1 block taller, they would be able to rescue him, because they could stand on the ladder.
For the girl that fell on the small boulder, you’ll need to harvest it first so that she falls to the ground.

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Removed ladder worked. I have no idea where the tombstone came from. There is a slight chance a worker was close to the same area and died but i was watching pretty closely when it happened. That has to be what happened. Anyway the rescued worker is recovering. Thanks.