Date and time conventions


For a perfect translation we could also use some settings to let the user choose which time (12h vs 24h) and date convention he prefer OR, clever what about an automated switch depending the chosen language? (but for this you need a kind of table with all the habits by countries) This way the change would be transparent for the user.

As example:

The save date in french should be:

Sauvegarde du 22/10/2015, 17:21:18


Hi Beatrice,
Okay I am checking in a fix for this. Hopefully it makes it into the next unstable build. If not, soon.


I feel like this wouldn’t be that difficult – it could be set by something in each translation’s .json file…

For example, in en.json it can be:

"24_hour_clock" : "false"

whereas in fr.json it would be"

"24_hour_clock" : "true"

I don’t know of other time formats, but I think there might be one or two others that would make things a lot less easy…


Currently we do this with the default javascript’s Date object. We pass in the language code and the Date object automatically chooses the correct date format. Hopefully no one has an issue with the default javascript Date’s implementation, otherwise I guess we might have to add our own options per language.