Dagger in the Stone

Not sure how to reproduce. I just know this happened again:

You remember when had problems with anvil and swords? Well here is Dagger in the Stone. I don’t know when this happened. I just noticed today while I was playing this oddity, which I can only conclude is due to a full stockpile. Ended up stuck like that for some reason.

I can give a log, but don’t know if that will help in this case since I am unsure it happened within this particular session. If you want the save I’ll have it below. Basically somehow the Mason’s Pedestal looks like has similar to that bug a bit back with the anvil, except this time with trapper’s knife.

stonehearth.log (635.9 KB)
1466570143017.zip (8.0 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
A17 3013 (3019 loaded up into)
no mods