Crime, Public Order and morale

The game is quite empty, it’s just a building sim with random attacks, to add more flavour, ther soud be crime and public order

-Hearthlings have personal possessions
-New emotion: Anger
-If they are very angry (because things like sleeping on the floor) they will hurt another Hearthling
-Hearthlings can stop squabbles
-If many Hearthlings are angry they will start destroying parts of buildings
-To avoid this, make them happier


I know @Brackhar once said that he felt Hearthlings weren’t really the angry type. Though I could maybe see the occasional tantrum, I’d have to agree.

Hi @Equinoxx :slight_smile:

I Agree with you that more flavour in the game could be great, BUT i dont agree with the implementations of crime amongst the heartlings. They are a “tribe” if you will, and needs to build strong bonds within their group to fend off the enemies that attacks them.
Next thing would be to throw them in jail and maybe begin torture them for bad behaviour?
Well its a wrong road for SH in my opinion but im sure some players would like it… poor heartlings :forlorn:


now i think of it i didnt mean jail and toture just occasional tantrums because of things like raw food etc


Fornjotr is right, but I think that it could be implemented in another way: Instead of hurting other hearthlings, angry hearthlings can decide to not to work, thus losing valuable productivity (and endangering your village if a guard does that).
Maybe torture can be too twisted, but adding a punishment mechanic could be good to do. Also, having the ability to punish innocent hearthlings to speed their work can be a mechanic that involves sacrificing hapiness to achieve more efficiency, letting you decide to wether be a loving, respectful supervisor or a cruel and tyranic ruler

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I feel like that goes too much towards the way black and white did things, it’s a nice idea in theory, but in coding it’s a pain. It should never be a question of being cruel to your hearthlings, they left that behind when they ventured out on their own.

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It doesn’t seem appropriate to implement it in our current races, they get sad, not mad. But maybe some other kind of race could get angry and you could use these ideas.

Maybe when dwarves are added?

oh i could see that, maybe instead of getting sad they get angry, and instead of being jublient they get drunken hehe

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