Creative Mode (Suggestion)

While I’m not sure about the resource bit, there will be a peaceful mode so you don’t have to worry about monsters attacking.

I had at one point (waaay back when!) mentioned an idea to customize a game, similar to the civilizations game creation menu, so you can check off monsters, settler dying, etc, based on gameplay preferences. I’m hoping for that kind of simple customization, but I don’t know if it’s in the works.

Worse comes to worst, I’m sure someone will create a Creative Mode mod early on, as it’s the sort of thing I can see being very popular.

from the FAQ on the KS homepage:

Will there be a mode without combat?

Yes! When you start a game you
will be able to choose whether you want to include monsters on the
world. So if you just want to zen out and focus on the town-building
aspects without having to worry about some giant red monster stomping
on your sand-castles, you can totally do that.

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I’m sure that they could make a debug mode for the general public.

Maybe the mode would be alright if you just had the whole world to monkey around in. I can accept being able to just get resources if that’ what you wanted, but I think just playing the game with normal constraints except the whole “Cthulu is going to eat your City” would maybe be fun too for some people.

You could trade with NPC’s, or establish infrastructure or colonies at increasingly larger distances from your main city, or perhaps simply sprawl into the countryside and increasingly convert it into pastoral or urban territory as you saw fit, changing wild land into peaceful and industrious living space for your burgeoning population.

If that’s what you wanted. If you wanted to have an environmentally conscious culture (because you felt like it/because you were playing a mod with Elves or some Traditional Tribal society, or Flower Children/Druids, etc.) you could find other ways to continue expanding and getting resources.

Maybe you could accept that you just weren’t going to get a lot of some kinds of resources with any frequency, if at all, and restrict yourself to using resources that were renewable without expanding extensively.

Which would actually work pretty well if the most threatening thing your villagers had to face was an angry boar or something, as opposed to "all consuming hordes of Goblins and possible Squidlike harbingers of destruction).

my apologies, my first pass led me to believe you were just looking for a mode that would avoid conflict… unlimited resources is something else, and i too would really enjoy that option…

if memory serves, it was brought up in one of the live streams, and im sure the response was “its possible”… someone correct me if im wrong… which we know is almost entirely impossible

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Hopefully the GM will take care of that.

I like re quoting this because it makes my point easily.

this is from the main website and i Hope they keeping going this way.

Players should be able to play fully the way they desire, if I want to be attacked by cthulhu then by-steve it should be allowed.
If you want to build then by-steve go about doing that, the game should allow it
If you want to have a super challenging losing is fun session then by-steve it should also be allowed.
If you want to immerse yourself in teh world and trade with other civs then BY_STEVE you should be allowed this as-well.

And I stand by this.

But a creative mode as a seperate thing would be great as-well, I could see plenty of people having fun with that.

Hail cthulhu .

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by the power of Steve, invested in me, by Steve… so shall it come to pass…


It would be awesome to be able to get free items so we, the community, could debug easier?
What i mean by free items is… that you can get anything in the game without collecting resources for it…

im slightly confused, what exactly do you mean by “free items”? :confused:

A quick and easy way to get items without having to get resources… Like the creative mode in Minecraft…


Well, there’s already ib for structures - and I believe that also creates any furniture in that structure. I don’t know if there is or ever will be an equivalent for items that are not structures or parts of structures or in a structure.

By the way, @8BitCrab, that’s a nice shiny new title you have! Gratz!

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thanks mate :blush:

So during the first 5 or so hours of my soon-to-be-addiction of your lovely game, I came across a recurring theme whenever I tried to simply create a village for a satisfying feeling of creating one it always came down to acquiring resources and making sure people didn’t starve and so on so forth when all I wanted to do was make some amazing buildings. We are all aware of the minecraft creating mode here (I assume) and so I think perhaps a good idea would be to make a gamemode much like peaceful where there are no invasions, where you can instantly build buildings, spawn villagers with adjustable jobs etc. I feel like the creative idiots out there such as myself would love to see this feature implemented.
Best of luck with your game!

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Perhaps even an infinite supply of all items too? That way you can add however many decorations you want to a building since none will appear if you haven’t crafted any.

that sounds like an amazing idea, it might be annoying if you spawned an entire town hall in a second and then had to wait a minute or two to wait for a carpenter to make the tables etc!

Mhmm, sometimes I’m designing buildings in peaceful mode and such and I can’t even add decorations to a building without having enough to manually place, even though they’re automatically spawned if I use the ib command.

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I also think for us that enjoy creating building templates that a ‘creative mode’ would be nice. Pre-designing your building templates would be huge bonus!

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isent the debug mode pretty much what you are all looking for ? and to be fair pause and instant build kinda gives the same dont it?

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Debug tools will do what you are looking for. To install debug tools, visit the Stonehearth github GitHub - stonehearth/debugtools: Stonehearth Debug Tools Mod, select Download Zip, and save the compressed folder somewhere on your computer. Inside the zip you should find a folder named debugtools-master. Copy that folder to your mods folder, (located by default at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\mods), and rename the folder to debugtools. Let me know if this makes sense. You will know if it is installed if you see the following icons in the top right: . If this does not work, let me know!

Edit: Debug tools is included with Stonehearth as of Alpha 19. Simply enable it via the mod manager.

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