Create destroyable items?

I’m looking for a way to modify the “Skull Trophy” to be destroyable.
Is there a way with a single piece of “mixintos” ?
I’ve tried many things but I haven’t succeed yet. All the things I’ve tried just deleted the object when my villager tried to place it.

I created a recipe to craft the skull trophy with the carpenter class.

If you’re looking for a quick & easy way to get rid of it, select it, hit the console key (@ for me), type destroy, and hit enter :slight_smile: .

@Teleros, i believe that @Draziak means a way to make it so that its placeable, and then un-deployable, could be wrong though

… well, in the past (good old days), it was possible to assign a destroy-action to some items. So once it was placed you would find a button to destroy it. However, before @Froggy beats the hell out of me again, maybe someone else can confirm if this still works.Otherwise I could check later this week probably.

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In that case… yeah I’m confused :stuck_out_tongue: . A quick comparison between various .json files doesn’t reveal anything to me that might make it indestructible etc. I mean, a comfy bed for example has details on buying/selling it to vendors and collision data etc, but it’s not like there’s a “destructible=true” tag anywhere :frowning: .

Edit: Best thing @Draziak would be to post your code I think.

perhaps thats somewhere else in the code, and any items that are destructible get added to a list or something like that… does that even make any sense?

Granted I’m no @RepeatPan, but I think the only place where everything is listed like that is manifest.json :confused: .

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i myself have barely even “dipped my toes” in the code, so to speak.

"mixins": "stonehearth:mixins:item_properties" in the iconic and "components" : { "stonehearth:entity_forms" in the entity itself are required for the whole deploy/undeploy magic.

But I have no idea what he’s trying to do.


Thanks for the feedback guys !

In fact, I want to create a “Training Dummy” for the Footman class with the Goblin Skull Trophy.
So I created my recipe to create the dummy and place it on the ground.

The thing that I’m looking for is a way to make it “Attackable/Destroyable” with a XX amount of HP to let the footman attack it and get some levels to be ready for the real fights against real Goblins.

Because with the LUA spikes bug, I can’t create other Footman in my game so I need them to get higher level without fighting the huge goblins camps near my camp.

I tried to take part of the code of the goblins barricades/camps/skull fire pit, but the only thing I got is an invisible Skull Trophy lol.

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Oh, like a combat dummy.

Yeah I’m just going to poke @RepeatPan again :laughing: .

Perhaps the easiest way is to emulate / take the code for a real enemy and tinker with it sothat it actually has hp, gives xp and is static with the model of your dummy.

Thats what i would do in the first place. Just ommit alle the enemy AI. Could this work? @ older modders (i just started to get into modding and lua at all)

As long as it’s an entity, said entity belongs to somebody, said somebody is not the player, and the entity has some… components and stats (mostly the combat/health/menace) thing, it should be attackable. Taking a look at hostile mobs should reveal most of the important components.

At the same time, though, it will induce fear in whoever crosses it, so that’s something. If you want a true combat dummy that you could even tell “I want footman X to train on it”, then you would need to create your own AI actions for it. It’s not exactly an easy task.

I wouldn’t really recommend using item_properties then, because that would imply that the object can be undeployed again - which wouldn’t be possible (different owner, although using the loot tool it would work) or make a lot of sense.

I’ve wanted to have Zulser to have some sort of… offensive or defensive stuff in it for quite some time, but I couldn’t think of anything. Training dummies crossed my mind, but because of the aforementioned issues (no control who attacks, issues with deploy/undeploy), I’ve stashed those.

I mean, for the sake of it, if you have a training dummy - with the current code - it could be abused as a defensive method, too. Just place a bunch of training dummies around your base and whoever might attack will focus on them instead. Everything that isn’t equal is hostile at the moment if I’m not mistaken.


I would suggest making it a workshop for a soldier. Workshop is the training dummy.
He can place it anywhere and you can give build orders just like other classes.
For balance stuff and proper working you could have different recipes. For example practice swords (made by the carpenter) that turn back into wood. Also higher levels could unlock advanced training recipes.
Make sure that combat is higher ranked than crafting (which I think already is)

The soldier gets experience by "crafting"
You can decide who gets how much training
break down or remove the training dummy works as normal
You can implement skull trophy as a ingredient for a recipe.

Not as advanced as @RepeatPan option. But it gets the job done.


The workshop idea seems like a really good option !

And @RepeatPan you have a good point with the panic of the workers around the dummy, I havent thought about this.


For some reason I remember the trees, which are destructed after they are hit a certain amount of times. But this is not the same type of destruction, since you want something to train your footmen…

The workshop idea seems pretty good, yeah :smiley:

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