[Create a new race] How to add a new bodytype?

Hello everyone at Stonehearth community,
I played the game for a while now, and as the game is coming to an end, I wondered about starting a mod that I could share later.
Thus, I started to design a new race, “The Dwarven Clan” (as a lot of people on the forum seemed to want a dwarf race).
As I started adding jobs and tweaking different files, I began to wonder how I could add a new body model into the game.
While 3d is not a problem at all, code wise, I have yet to figure where to tell the game to change the default body into a dwarf body. (I think it could be in the manifest.json but not sure what to write…)

I thank you for reading those few lines, and I hope a nice somebody will enlighten me on that matter.

Thank you very much.

In the kingdom data, where you specify names, roles, etc… You also point to a model file.
The ascendancy is at /services/server/population/data/ascendancy_population.json
For rayya and north alliance they are at their own mods, at /data/(kingdom)_population.json

That all said, there is a mod group working on dwarfs right now if you are interested in joining: ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project


Thank you very much Sir BrunoSupremo !
I will also look into that goup !