Crash to desktop with low memory

My win 7 computer had problems booting up due to the mother board being installed without a clean windows install. I’m trying to fix it myself but I don’t know how to install the network drivers. So I’m using my win 10 computer, it has these specs.

ibuypower fr991-s, win 10 i7-6700k, 16gb ddr4, 1tb 120ssd, gtx970, 4gb, win 10 fr991-s.

I have to run the game in a window. I have the latest steam beta version of the game. I was playing and this message popped before the game crashed to desktop.

Just before the message popped up I had a hearthling spawn in the water and I told the people to build two ladders to free the hearthling.

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Hey there @littlecats, that is certainly odd. I have never seen that message appear from Stonehearth, as it is a Windows message…

Before you launch the game again, can you please upload your stonehearth.log and crash.dmp from your install folder to the Discourse please. @Albert might be able to see something in them that explains this.

On a side note, for your Windows 7 PC, you might be able to download the network drivers from your working Win 10 PC, and transfer them via a flash drive.

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Here is the dmp file
crash.dmp (157.5 KB)

A crash folder (0 Bytes)

There is also a crash reporter file but it won’t let me upload it. I don’t see a crash log file.

There is a stonehearth text file. I will upload that too.
stonehearth.log (74.6 KB)

I have to run the game in a window and that message popped up inside the game when I was playing it and before I could save the game crashed to desktop. I tried playing the game without it being in a window and the game wouldn’t start a new game. The only way out of the game was to ctrl, alt, and delete and log off windows.

I’m not tech savy enough to know what drivers I need for the win 7 network and I have to use the same power code for both computers because I can’t find the power cord for the win 10 computer. My brother had the power cord in his hand and I wasn’t paying attention to where he put it. He was mad at me because I did a clean windows install and he would have to finish setting up the computer for me. So now I have to figure it out myself and I don’t want to call and tell him I don’t know where he put the power cord. He’s already pretty mad at me.

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No worries about the other computer. I will take a look at the log and dump when I am back at a PC. No need to upload the craah reporter, that is just the tool that creates the dump.

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I checked the log again and it looks like we have a bug that’s gobbling up a lot of memory. If anyone else can help reproduce this please let us know!


Hey @littlecats, were you by any chance building something at or around the time of the memory problem? Thanks!

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@sdee I had a hearthing spawn in the water and put 2 ladders in the water so the hearthling could get out of the water, They hadn’t built the ladders yet. I didn’t have any buildings or roads built and I think the only hearthlings working were the farmer and maybe the carpenter. The other hearthlings were ether idle or picking up resources. I was looking around the map and not really paying attention to my hearthlings, except for the one in the water, I was watching him.

ETA. The hearthling had spawned in the deepest part of the water, that’s why I needed 2 ladders.


Thanks @littlecats! When you load up the save again, does the same thing happen? If so can you post the save for us from right before it crashes? Thanks!



Here is the screenshot just before crashing.

You have to wait for day time for the hearthling to spawn in then put the ladders like in the screen shot and it will crash very soon after that.

I signed up to file dropper but it wouldn’t upload the file, said there was nothing there. I think the file is small enough to upload it here.

I can’t upload it it says the file is empty but in my computer it shows this.

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Oh wow, I had this same exact thing happen! I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not but I have never once had Stonehearth completely hard lock / crash my computer to the point I couldn’t exit the game until I started up a new game yesterday using that laketown seed (6969) someone posted and my hearthling spawned in the deepest part of the lake… then within minutes… as I was trying to clear some ground down to the water to make a ladder… my game completely froze right up… no CTD but sat there frozen and I could not do anything. Took me about 5 minutes to finally get task manager to even respond. It said my system was completely overloaded on memory usage so I agree there’s something going on here with that and may or may not be connected to the hearthlings spawning in the water causing some sort of infinite loop for pathing that drains memory. The only time I’ve ever seen something like that was in the old days of The Sims 3 before they did some patching / fixes and sims would occasionally get stuck somewhere out in your world and cause the game to eventually grind to a halt because they couldn’t path back or reset.

Hopefully your save game will help (if the hearthling is still stuck in the deep water) because I couldn’t save mine (due to the freeze up) and so restarting it just reverts to before the hearthling spawned there and is running fine.


win is (4.3 MB)

This is the save number from the log file.
lastest save (5.3 MB)

I don’t know what I did but it finally uploaded. Windows 10 is really hard to find and do things for me. It knows I hate it so it hates me back.

Eta. Here is the new log from the last crash.
stonehearth.log (18.8 KB)


Hi there,
I loaded up the save and it did not crash from out of memory for me. Perhaps we fixed something in a14 release that might have fixed this.
Can you try loading it on your end after updating the game? Let me know if it’s still crashing for you.
Thank you

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@yshan I loaded it 3 times after I uploaded it to here.It crashed 2 times with the last crash talking the open Gl drivers out according to the game. The third time I loaded it, I didn’t click on the worker in the water or start the carpenter making 50 mean beds and it didn’t crash. That was before the game updated.

It could have been user error because I clicked on the worker in the water or gave my carpenter too many mean beds to make.I think the crash happened because I had the worker in the water selected for too long.

I don’t like playing on a game that crashed so I deleted that game and started a new one with rayya’s childen. I’m sorry, I don’t have that save anymore. The new game has updated and there was no problems playing it the last time I played.