Crafter Toggle Button

I’ve noticed that if I have set a task for my workers, (building, mining, etc) my crafters will join in as well. Eventually, they go back and craft 1 or 2 things in the crafting cue then return to working. I’m not sure if that’s a bug or not but I was thinking if you could somehow make that something you can toggle on and off, that would be helpful. Like if you have something in the crafting cue, but you need to get a wall up, then you can toggle your crafters to just work on building and not worry about crafting until you untoggle, then they would return to just crafting. This would improve the performance of the workers, you get all your things crafted when you need them and you can add extra workers to your force when you need to.

Much of this will be remedied with the upcoming Hearthling Therapy UI, which allows the player to select what actions each unit is allowed to do. So you’ll be able to tell your crafters not to worry about building or mining, and only craft their orders (or temporarily switch those tasks on to get them done).


@ryanpearl50, first off, welcome to the discourse! Glad to have you aboard.

@Atralane in correct, most of the issues you bring up (and the suggestion on how to fix it) is being implemented in the Hearthling Therapy UI, which should arrive in Alpha 13. To learn more about the Hearthling Therapy UI, you can check out Tony’s (@Ponder) blog post over on the stonehearth site: Desktop Tuesday: Idle Musings – Stonehearth. Scroll way down to the bottom, under the header “One last thing” for a description and mock-up of the interface. To see an early version of it in action, you can check out Thursday night’s dev stream on Twitch: Twitch. @Tom demonstrates the UI at the 1 hour, 2 min and 45 second mark (ish). Check it out!


can not wait till this get added, getting tired of my crafters doing other stuff when there is a large list of things they can make or my famers restocking items when there is plots to full up with crops