Could I Make This Mod?

I’ve recently been looking at this image, and wondering, will this be added into the game before final release? If not, would it cause any problems if I made a mod adding in everything here, plus extra stuff? I don’t want to get into trouble with anybody, but I’d like this content in the game, and I don’t mind doing it myself if I can figure it out. I’d make colored cloth, different flowers that the herbalist uses to make dyes (makes the herbalist more useful, too), different colored beds, banners, chairs, etc- maybe even add some custom furniture into the game like flat wall banners and stuff. :merry: I don’t wanna start if I’d be breaking any rules, though!

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Just delete the part after “.png”.

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In scope of difficulty: what you want is entry level difficulty.
(making items, and adding recipes)
With well let’s be honest quite a bit of fiddling on your end with some explanation, or reading the modding tutorials it’s should be doable without too much difficulty. If I were you id’d make myself a sort of checklist:
What items will I need to make, what recipes will need to be added to what crafter etc to start with.

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Thanks a lot! But now it looks pretty blurry to me :sweat_smile: Edit: Nevermind, it fixed itself!

Yeah, pretty much! It seems easy enough to do but just that simple step would add levels and levels of customization options that I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate!

Well, it’s 1024x530 so that’s to be expected. I can make out details fine, tough. Woudn’t worry if i were you.

Just be aware that you will be flooding people’s crafter with clothing options if you want to see this through :’)

Oh yeah! Another thing I wanted to add was job themed outfit upgrades the weaver could make to make them more efficient (would make the Weaver more useful, too) and also fancy finery like the workers have as well. However, that’s probably a good bit more advanced so I may only do that if I have enough time/motivation/skill at modding

My main concern, though, is if this is legal to do. Wouldn’t I have to have permission from the devs to use the assets in these pictures?

There are no longer any limitations on using unreleased assets. Have at it.


You’d be surprised, it’s all the same thing: make item, make recipe.
It just takes a bunch of time to test it all, not make typo’s etc
(and make models for everything)

Thank you so much! :jubilant:

Do you have experience with mods? I typically use a lot of mods with my games (but this will be my first time making one) so I may know of yours if it’s on the Steam workshop

Maker of the nordlings race mod
I start out with items first too (viking mod) both on the workshop

Just checked it out, you’ve got some really neat designs! You’ll have to work to set it apart from the Northern Alliance or Norsehearth, though. But, I think your hotsprings idea is definitely a good start to that!

it was made before both of those were actually a thing :’)
(norsehearth was in hybernation for years, and lets be honest, has nice trees but not mcuh content yet)
and the northern aliance wasnowhere to be seen when i made it yet :stuck_out_tongue:
but since they are my pet project anyway it will get worked on some more down the line ofc :wink: