Converting Audio Files

Hello fellow Stonehearth Lovers,

I have a problem that I need YOU (or @SteveAdamo/@Geoffers747) to help me with! As you can imagine (If you know me enough) I need music to accompany some of my posts as words don’t always convey my meaning enough. So I went around on the interwebz device in search of some awesome sounds, songs etc. to accompany some of my posts but I ran into the slight problem of having the wrong audio file ( .aifc , I was using Quicktime Player) so I could not post my wonderful sounds on the Forum. Perhaps one of you out there might know what file is used? I have seen other people post songs and such, What file format do they use?

Thank You For Your Help And Consideration,


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Found a few .aifc converters on Google. Most seem to convert to MP3 format, which… well I’d be surprised if QuickTime can’t handle them TBH.

Just converted a file to MP3 and tested but Discourse wouldn’t accept it.

Can’t you host the sound on a website and link it in?

Though, I do wonder whether we need to hear the sounds … something about silence being golden, and all that?


I think that when they upload music that can be heard from here, they first upload it to SoundCloud and then post the link here, or with some kind of share widget.

Either that or a Youtube video. I don’t know if they embedded them manually or the link formats itself automagically…

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Just made a soundcloud account, Thanks for the help. I will see if this works.

This is mostly for the Map Games so only those who venture into that hell hole of a topic will hear them.

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You have to purposely click the Play button to hear it, so silence will be kept even if there are several files :smile:

May I change the category to General Discussion? Or did you make the music yourself, @Newf? :confused:

No, Just took other peoples. I’ll change it now then. I wasn’t sure what categories to put this in.

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Isn’t the meta category about getting forum stuff to work?

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Here is what I have been trying to upload:

Me in a nutshell :laughing: