Confused on what RC mean or stand for

I don’t know where to put this but i have a question i seen this a lot around the StoneHearth Forum what is RC is that like a thing from StoneHearth or is it a term from something else.

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It refers to Rayya’s Children, one of the playable kingdoms. They’re the red one, and their default “habitat” is the desert biome; you can play them in any map (“vanilla” i.e. official maps, or modded ones); but because they’re designed with the desert in mind they may not do quite as well on maps which don’t offer as much clay – after all, the potter is their “foundation” class, as opposed to the Ascendancy’s reliance on the carpenter. That said, they’re able to use stone easily as an alternative building material, so if you make sure to keep the clay for creating essential items and do plenty of trading, you should have no problem playing on any map. It’s certainly easier to play RC on the forest map than it is to play Ascendancy on the desert map hahahaha!

Rayya’s Children seem to be really popular among builders, so there are a bunch of really awesome “mega builds” which feature them. That’s a big part of why the abbreviation is used so commonly. Another major factor is that whenever balance questions are brought up, the different impact on RC vs Ascendancy is always interesting to discuss.

For some reason, we never came up with a popularly-used abbreviation for Ascendancy…


That actually make a lot of sense what RC stand for thanks for answering :smiley: