[Con] Wrong positioning of buff icons

Title: Wrong positioning of buff icons
Summary: Can’t see the icon buff properly, see attachments. Hope someone can confirm.
Steps to reproduce: Wait for a settler to have a buff /debuff (hunger, sleep, carrying something)
Expected results: The icon should be completely visible.

Versions and mods: No mods, Alpha 4 r99.

System information:
Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 (32-bit OS)
Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU P8400
2.26 GHz
Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family


Oh, right. I noticed that too, but forgot to share. Can confirm.


I, Avairian, can also confirm.

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hahaha… thanks for the confirmations folks… :wink:

can confirm as well…

I thought it was fixed in the new release, and then at some point, not sure the cause, it happened again. This time the larger icon to the right is mostly hidden as well. 42:58 in the video.

No! That looks like a different bug, the 42:58 in the video.

It’s not the buff icon but the whole Name / Description / Action :sweat:
That’s attention to detail :smile:
If you feel like making another report… Unless someone else says it can be considered this same bug.

For me it’s slightly different because those are fixed things (when you click the corresponding object), while buffs are completely dynamic.

You make a good point, but I expect it would be similar anyway. Instead of the buffs being put one layer too far back, it seems that the window itself is put one layer too far forward, so that it covers even the text and larger icon. Maybe? I guess that’s still different, though. But now that I’ve already mentioned it here, perhaps I should leave it at that, unless a mod or developer thinks it really should have its own thread.