[Con] The footmans never attack the goblins

Multiple goblins walked next to my footmans (and steal my stuff) but the footman didn’t attack them as you can see below.

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I created a footman early on, but they have yet to defend against a single goblin attack.

The rally button works to get workers to defend, but the footman just continues to patrol.

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My footman didn’t fight of any goblins, not even when they attacked him. The footman was equipped with a padded vest. But I have no idea if this also happens to a footman without a padded vest.

I believe the goblins in question where the ‘armed goblins’, as that is what was said in a notification. They didn’t seem to carry any weapons though.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a footman;
  2. Make a padded vest;
  3. Wait till the goblins come and kill the footman

Three separate posts in a minute :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys are eager!

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It’s so frustrating when you see a goblin steal your stuff and the footman doesn’t react^^

Yes it’s link to the padded vest, I just saw one of my footman without a padded vest react and go to attack a goblin.

Haha yeah… Noticed the other topics just after I posted.

No worries :slight_smile:

I’ll forgive you … this time.


I noticed this once on my own machine, and I’m trying to reproduce this regularly and having trouble. I know it’s super frustrating so any further data you have to narrow down the situation would be great.

For example: I’m pretty sure it can happen without a padded vest.
Can you get it to happen without ever pressing the Worker Defense Button?
Can you make it happen with just a thief? How about a thief + brigands?
Does it depend on the # of stockpiles in play?

At the risk of pulling back the curtain, if you want to cause goblins to spawn earlier in the game, go to linear_combat_service.lua and mess with the two variables at the top of the file (time to first spawn, and spawn interval.)

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I’ll try some stuff. Let you know in a bit.

Unfortunately, the linear_combat_service.lua file is compiled. So it needs to be decompiled before it can be edited. I can try decompiling the file, but I’m not 100% sure it will be done correctly without causing other bugs.

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It’s happened without the padded vest for me. That’s all I can confirm right now.


Other test: does it happen only after save/load?

Happened on a fresh game, no saving or loading occurred.


However, in my first game in the new build, the footman did defend against goblins (before save/load). See the video, exactly 20 minutes in.

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Tried some stuff:

Without ever using Worker Defense: footman works fine
Using Worker Defense (without the workers killing a goblin): footman works fine
Using Worker Defense (with the workers killing a goblin): footman works fine
After saving the game (but no reload): footman works fine
After reloading the game: footman works fine

Couldn’t really do anymore testing after that, due to the goblins annihilating all my villagers.

So unfortunately I have no idea what causes the footman to not fight.


I have been trying to repro this for three hours now; I feel your pain! Let me know if you have any luck.

Save/Load FTW :wink:

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I know it was stated to possibly not matter, but just for completeness of information’s sake, padded vest or no?

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I accidentally saved over my previous save instead of making a new one. And most of them were already tombstones by then. :smile:

No padded vest this time.


If you can repro this issue in a saved game, please save it as a zip and let me know. :slight_smile:

Here you go:

No idea what caused it unfortunately.


@GhostF you are officially awesome. Thank you so much! We are debugging now…