[Con] Carpenter storage changes its size after loading

This has been reported in the Curse forum.

Title: Carpenter storage changes its size after loading

Summary: Carpenter storage changes its size after loading. Clearly a loading bug.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Make a carpenter and make the crafter storage. Memorize the size of the storage.
2) Save the game, quit, run it again and load the previous game.
3) Observe the new size of the crafter storage.

Expected Results: The size of the carpenter stockpile should be the same before and after loading.

Actual Results: The size changes.

Notes: In my case, I made a carpenter storage of size 2x2. When I loaded the game again, it was like 2 times bigger (the user that reported this on Curse said it changed to a smaller format - mine was on the contrary).

As well as the possibility to move the crafter workbench there should be the possibility to change the crafter stockpile. I can accept that to make a stockpile smaller I should remove it and make it again, and to make it bigger I can attach another stockpile next to it or overlapping with it. But if I remove the crafter stockpile, the new stockpile won’t have that status even if I set it to contain only furniture or whatever.

Attachments: Didn’t make screenshots yet. But shouldn’t be difficult to reproduce as I got it at the first try.

Versions and Mods: Alpha 3, r92
System Information:
Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 (32-bit OS)
Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU P8400
2.26 GHz
Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family


so after you close the game and reopen the save file the carpenter’s stockpile shrinks to what looks like a 2 by 2 square will get pictures right now!


Confirmed. If I make a large carpenter dropbox save shut down game start game up again the box will be little like the above picture.

Confirmed. Its also a bug from the previous alpha 4 build.

I can confirm this,


This can be related to this bug: Reload Carpenter’s Workshop Bug
Although it’s slightly different so I leave it here as a comment, if not, it would be a triple merge. But the newest Alpha versions only shrink the stockpile, don’t throw an error.
This bug is old as @hert says, and had been already reported in another topic.

I have seen this bug before in the the previous version of Alpha 4.0, but I didn’t make a Bug-Report because I thought it was like that purposely.

I have no idea if it’s purposely. But I agree with you, it’s annoying. :sweat_smile:

merged (thanks @Relyss) and [tagged]… well, as soon as I’m at my PC that is (goofy phone can’t seem to edit thread titles)…

Should be fixed next push. Thanks!

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Also I noticed that the citizens never take the stuff which are in the carpenter’s stockpile to put it in the normal stockpile.