[Con] Alpha 7 crash after settler death

I had a problem with the Alpha 7 build of Stonehearth running under Steam. I had a settler that slowly starved to death, despite being within a few steps of food (as has been mentioned by others). She apparently got so depressed that despite food being nearby, she would not move, just stood there until she died. After she died, I got a repeating error message. After the screen filled with error messages, the game eventually displayed a more serious error message, followed by crash to desktop

I have screenshots of the error messages, etc., but cannot upload them because I’m a new forum member. I tried a Steam ‘file verify’ command, and all files validated successfully. I am assuming that this is where we submit bug reports. If you would like copies of the screenshots, just let me know where to send them. Thanks.

hey there @Mark_L… welcome aboard! :smile:

feel free to toss the images up to imgur.com, post the associated links here and I’ll embed them for you (you’ll be able to do this yourself in due time)…


Game crashes on hearthling death, white-screen requires reboot
has happened on multiple occasions

So every time a settler dies and has a job a large error list appears and just continues to repeat an error.

hey there @Infectiongunner … your report was merged here, as it seemed related to the posts in this thread … :+1: