[Con] [A7] No events triggering (caravans, new villagers, etc.)

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I havent been seeing many caravans/traders/travelers lately. Sometimes, on some of my saves, they never come (played for five hours straight, except got kicked out of game a couple of times too ;/)

hmm… I haven’t experienced this, but would like to see if there are any confirmations from other folks…

Yep, the only thing I have seen in alpha 6 is the traveler, and that is only twice in the ~10hrs game play I have done with it

This happens to me a lot, I feel like the further up a mountain I start, the less likely I am to encounter travelers or caravans, but it’s really difficult to test this sort of thing. :confused:

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I for one got the caravan about as much as I did before, I think. Got a gift at the start, trades later on, and travelers as well. So I cannot confirm this one, but it might be related to starting position as @RixiM_MixiR suggested.

Can’t confirm this… I’ve not had trouble with the caravans/traders/travelers. The Merry Empire of Trillmoor is thriving with community. I will admit, that the trades the caravans have been offering have been a bit onesided.

Really? You want me to give you 9 bushels of corn for 1 farmer’s hoe in trade?


@Vuex I can confirm this! I was playing for about 2-3 hours straight! Didn’t get kicked at all! The Merry Empire of Silverside hasn’t had a single trader, caravan or traveler since I started! The only trader is the one in the beginning! I always hear of people having 10+ hearthlings and I am like HOW??! Lol

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(r166 Desktop) Peaceful game. I have about 3.5 hours game time and not a single traveler or caravan.

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Same her bro… Been playing peaceful, too and no caravans

Hey people, thanks for reporting. :smile:

I’ve redirected you to here. Pay attention to previous posts in this thread, specially to this one and this one which explains Froggy’s theory.

Compare to where you usually play (in the center of map, near the edge…) and give us feedback again, so we can filter the possible causes.

As it’s mentioned somewhere in the topic, if new villagers or goblins spawn in other terrain level, like the above mountain level, they won’t be able to reach your city by themselves, because they can’t build ladders. The caravans and the trader are a different case, I think.

To get new citizens you have to make your town net bigger, by building houses, crafting furniture, and harvesting lots of food. Or that’s what’s usually said.

So please, tell us where do you usually place the banner when starting a game, where do you settle, and how do you play. What did you do in those hours of gameplay?

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Since the alpha 7 update the other day I have started 2 new games

The first after building a large complex inside a mountain (bed rooms, farms, workshops etc etc) I realised apart from a traveller donating 2 baskets of corn at the beginning no other traders etc had visited me (game play 6+ hours IRL) so I’m limited to just my 6 villagers

My second new game I have built a small village and still have had no one visit me since the beginning donation. (gameplay 2+ hours IRL)

Any advice, help or suggestions?

Confirmed same issue for me last night. Played for four hours, plenty of food, housing etc. and no visitors to my town other than the initial basket guy and goblins :smile:

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Well tonight I am getting travelers, so not sure now. Sorry to muddy the issue.

patience my young apprentice… patience

Generally, in the first 1 minute how starting your village you should get a traveler who want’s to drop off some food. If you don’t get that in the first minute you won’t have anything else in your game.

It’s seems to be hit and miss for me.

I seem to recall there being a thread regarding this issue.
The position you start on is of some significance, if you start too close to the edge or on an elevated space it didn’t work properly.

Edit: [Con] [A7] No events triggering (caravans, new villagers, etc.)


tried starting a new game one a flat surface in the wide open, still no travellers etc apart from the one at the very beginning

So I uninstalled the game deleted all the files in steamapps and In program Files and reinstalled. Noticed a few sudden changes like a new icon and a quest at the beginning

About 2 minutes in to my new game (perfectly flat with fog of war completely around my village) I had a caravan approach (traded 4 oak logs for a fire pit) over the next 6 hours or so IRL I had not one traveller, trader or caravan approach.

I had a large village by this point 9 buildings 16 beds many tables and chairs etc but my shelter was only 4.7…

Any ideas?

thanks! [merged]

I tweaked the original thread title a bit as well… :+1:


Similar issues. I should be getting messages every day with either a hearthling wanting to join, or a hearthling saying “I was going to join, but instead…”. I have gone into game day 13, and only two traders, and only the initial caravan that appears at the beginning.

roughly 2 months have passed in in game time (I believe, I’ve been playing at x2 speed and have probably over 10 hours of time spent on this current and still only one caravan 2 min in, besides that nothing map

Is there anyway to trigger these events via the in game console?

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