[Con] [130] Tree on cliff in air

Tree in air, mostly.


Seen this before quite a few revisions ago, guess we need a better footprint for placing trees - 6x6 say or something. At a guess, I’d say the trees are placed by one corner - if that corner is on land it’s okay, and the game doesn’t check for the rest.

I have a tree growing out from the edge of a cliff wall. It looks like the game thinks that the tree is “on the ground” even though only the very edge of the tree trunk touches the very edge of the cliff diagonally! The first block of ground under the trunk is about 16 blocks down.

Some failure in the sanity check for tree placement I guess.

Nice to see this bug is still around :slight_smile: .

Paging @SteveAdamo for a merge.

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thanks! [merged] and [tagged]… :+1:

Thanks. Looks like I failed to guess right combination of words to check for in topic >.>

no worries… thanks for the report! :smiley:

Using the latest release version (not the unstable) I discovered the same thing.

The difference I am seeing here is that this can also happen part way up an elevation. It may not be obvious in the picture, but where the cliff side sticks out one block is where the far block of the tree is landing.

Edit: Embedded Picture that was linked and uploaded another one showing that it’s possible to harvest these trees using a ladder.

Here’s a picture of a tree in mid air.

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FWIW, problem as described above exists in alpha 7 unstable build r 180:

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Screenshot by Lightshot Problem exists in stable version, alpha 8. Trees appear on top of each other, too.

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That’s because you made two starting banners >_>

@Zhaldak like relyss said bug because of doppel generation
@Relyss the maintopic (trees on clif) happens also when there are not two villages ^^ also i can happens that an citizen spawn on a cliff ^^ good that it gives ladders xD