Codespells - Express Yourself With Magic

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[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:166, topic:1622”]CodeSpells: Express Yourself With Magic
> Become the most powerful wizard the world has ever seen by crafting magical spells in code.


When I saw this I first thought “pfeh, another game like CodeMancer”, but looking into it I quickly discovered that this is much more interesting (when CodeMancer is done I’ll probably still buy it anyway lol).

I am making this a new discussion, because I feel it deserves its own thread and hope more people see it.
The stretch goals are really very exciting and with enough people backing this could become an outstanding game of coding.
Also there are still over 1000 10$ early backer slots that can be backed as I write this, so still a good time to get in.


Not sure I’d play it myself (never know though), but I’m sure my younger brother would love this. He’s been busy making things in Scratch, and that coding interface looks identical to it :slight_smile: .


Ah, Scratch. The memories.

The GUI was horrible. I’m not sure how this whole put-pieces-together helps people learn to code either.

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I would think at a minimum, it helps folks think more analytically… to piece events and actions together logically (and start to understand the “flow” of a given language)…

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There are very different learning types. To think so abstractly that coding comes naturally is a rare talent and if you do have it then you are among the lucky ones.
For me right at the beginning when I learned I toyed around a lot with Basic and Turbo Pascal, learning from other peoples code.
But when I learned about Nassi Shneiderman diagrams everything suddenly became clearer and easier.
Since having grasped the basics I did never look back and never drew a diagram again, but if there would be a sensible way to code directly using something like UML I’d very much like to try that out.
So having something like scratch gives coding a very real feeling, like putting the pieces of a jigsaw together, just not to represent something others made up but creating your own tiny gem of logic.

Anyway - Gaming and Coding combined, my two greatest passions - this has got to be good!

This looks amazing! It looks like it could be the definition of a sandbox game, where you can do anything, go anywhere, and be anyone. I’m definetly getting this game, the only thing I’m worried about is the spells being to OP in a survival mode, will there possibly be a leveling system where you can only manipulate so much, or will there be infinite power at your fingertips at all times?

The video did show a mana cost component to making the spells, so perhaps in survival mode they’ll have some kind of levelling and/or automatic cost calculation involved.