Cliff-Side Terrace

ok so this is a building i am making (being built) so its all green just wanted to share

If anyone wants the template (save) let me know :slight_smile:

Wish it could do it without the stilts only Two slabs were red otherwise :confused:


Nice! When I was building Emerald Overlook, I managed to avoid the stilts by having the buildings rest on one voxel holes in the cliffside.

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yeh the issue was 2 of the paths … everything was fine otherwise, want to check the save for the issue? (although i fixed it with the stilts now)

Meanwhile, I’m on the neighboring mesa crafting my butt off with a cactus blocking the ladder up. LOL

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P.s i know… i have two screens… trying to figure out how to disband the second one for screenies without messing with my system :confused: (i always make sure nothing private is showing though :stuck_out_tongue: ) like cards… pics of GF’s (i wish >.>) and etc :slight_smile:

The ammount of times @Spell_Blade has saved my… wimps from certain death… (thx for the armor and etc… )

i farm so you don’t have to - say thats not a bad calling card ^^

It wasn’t that many times. I just had more hearthlings and more stuff… because I hide behind a cactus and craft like nothing’s happening next door. Then, when I finally open the door, we roll out like Autobots.

@Unreal_Gam3er You have wimps and I have idiots. We’re great neighbors.

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