'CLEAR' tool not highlighting some selection options

Release 537 - ‘CLEAR’ tool not highlighting some selection options

Attempting to use the ‘Clear’ tool from the ‘Harvest’ tab selection on multiple objects returns various results. Hovering the ‘Clear’ tool pointer over a reinforced door highlights the door where hovering the tool over a ‘Wall’ section does not highlight the object.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Launch Release 537
  2. Once in game use the Build tool to build a wall, making sure to place a door (reinforced door is what I used)
  3. Selecting the ‘Harvest’ tab, choose the ‘Clear’ tool and hover the pointer/tool over the door built into the wall
  4. Observe the door object is highlighted and the user has visual representation of the choice they are about to make
  5. Using the same ‘Clear’ tool, hover the pointer/tool over any of the wall section
  6. Observe the user is not given any visual representation of the selected object

Expected Results:
The ‘Clear’ tool functions as intended and always shows the user the visual representation of their selection via ‘highlight’ in this case

Actual Results:
Using the ‘Clear’ tool results in inconsistent behavior

This issue is a bit more dangerous than it sounds due to the voxel nature of the title. Inherently the cursor wants to orientate itself on the ‘ground or floor’ and at certain camera angles, users might assume they have the item they want selected but in fact have chosen something entirely else on accident and now the building they spent hours on getting built just the right way, is now gone.


Taking screenshots remove the pointer/tool but notice the reinforced door on the right is ‘Highlighted’

In this image I actually have the wall ‘post’ or structure beam, to the right of the previously highlighted door, selected. Notice it has not been highlighted.

Here I am verifying the use of the ‘Clear’ tool on the above mentioned ‘post’ or structure piece.

Here you can see the ‘post’ or structure piece has now been removed.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Release 537 / None

System Information:


Finally catching on to what you’re up to jomaxro, going forward I will not include 'Release ###" in the title. Sorry for the extra work.

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No problem putting it in the title! In fact, it is easier as I can see it right there when adding the tag. It is more important that it is in the post itself, but adding a tag is part of the title edit interface, so it actually saves me from having to scroll down :smiley:.

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Np, I’ll keep it in then!