Clay, how it could be improved

Alright so I was doing a bit of research on clay being that it is being released in the new alpha 13 from my understanding. Currently (from what I understand) clay will spawn in small areas randomally throughout the world, and yes that’s fine and dandy but I feel as if that wouldn’t be good enough. Now before I go fully into saying my opinion keep in mind I am 100% aware that clay is meant to be an extra resource for the people who live in the drier areas of the world and yes that should be the way it is but the clay shouldn’t be sparce. Clay should be under 90% of the sand along mixed with stone and hardened sand. Also I feel clay in other biomes should be located around bodies of water and in large amounts along with a special type of rich soil or sand. I’m open for discussion and I would love to see this in the game.


I was raised on the Canadian prairies and can atest to the availability of clay lol. Glacial sedementation deposited several hundred feet of it on the plains. The top ~30cm is dirt and then pretty much solid clay ad layers of gravel. Obviously it changes from region to region but plains areas around mountains (like the current biome) would be post-glacial with lots of gravel and clays

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very good point clay should be more plentiful in areas rather then in others which would make it valuable for trade in areas that dint have it over areas that do, (maybe a multilayer aspect) and really it all depends on biomes


Welcome to the discourse, @Guardianking191 :wink:

I like the idea that Rayya’s Children has its own primary building material, and I hope the Northern Alliance will have its own as well in order to give each faction an added sense of uniqueness.

Though I would prefer if clay were exclusive to RC, or exclusive to a specific biome, I concede that this is not the direction TR wants to go. With that said, I agree that clay should be abundant in the desert biome and more scarce in others. In a temperate biome, it would make sense for it to be found near water and/or a few voxels deep elsewhere.

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What if there were different types of clay? I mean common clay is found just about everywhere that’s not bedrock, but certain kinds of clay like kaolinite which you need for fine porcelain is only found in pretty rare deposits (although individual deposits are usually large) it could be a different mechanism for making “fine” vs “normal” pottery.

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I’d love a layer of clay at a specific depth throughout the entire world lets say 3-12 blocks below dirt.
currently clay is actually more valuable than iron because it can’t be bought from a trader. so basically you have an infinite amount of stone, tin, copper, iron, coal etc but not clay.


That’s why I want it to be traded as well.
Gimme my nice clay buildings :glum:

Personally, with Wet and Dry Stones now working, I think clay should have veins under and around water sources. Seems more logical to me than to make it a whole layer.