City of Geldar (finished more or less)

This is the first time I created the “inner” part of a city before building the walls.

This is the City of Geldar

The entrance is open for all citizens, traders and everyone who wants rest a night or more.

THe citizens like to chat at the entrance after walking around or after transporting loot back to the city

You may think that this town with such an open entrance is defenseless but rest assured, beyond the entrance you will find a fighting proven troop of excelent soldiers and some very tough defenses

But right after those defenses you can explore the narrow streets with a lot shopps, stores and more

The city has also some farms to feed all the people or to trade food for luxuries

On the tower in the middle of the city you can overlook not only the whole city but the surroundings too.
Which makes it hard for any enemy to make an surprise attack.

But what is that big mansion?
screenshot 2017_08_24__19_47_49screenshot 2017_08_24__19_48_00

It is the mansion of landlord (knight) and his wife (cleric)
The main hall
screenshot 2017_08_24__19_49_35screenshot 2017_08_24__19_51_33
screenshot 2017_08_24__19_52_00
The kitchen

The blue corridor
screenshot 2017_08_24__19_49_48
which leads you to the rabbit lawn
screenshot 2017_08_24__19_49_00
The banquet hall
screenshot 2017_08_24__19_51_40
And their private quarter

Also there is a private garden

But since everybody is happy and the landlord is a nice guy, nobody cares about the pomposity.


This looks really, really good imho.
Seeing stuff like this makes me wanna skip putting my free-time into my mod-making, and instead just attempt to build awesome cities!

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Really cool details! Awesome work you have done on this city @groms, thank you for sharing it :merry:

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Now for the real question. How does it fair against a massive goblin raid?

Also, it’s amazing fortified city builds like this that make me really hope siege weapons will be a thing in the future.

No problem at all, since it has only one entrance which is heavily fortified.

But the raids sometimes get stuck somewhere in the world and do not find the entrance :smiley:


@groms Gorgeous! Love the room with all the vases, and the little courtyards!


gaaaasp!! I love what you did with the mansion, with both the cute rooftops and crenelations. It looks so nice! The cozy little shop streets are also lovely.


Amazing work. I love the detail.