Citizens says KIA

so i know i have shed some like but theres a problem/bug?/con that needs to be fixed. that issue is when a soldier or a citizen dies they still exist in the citizen management and it will always say what they were doing before they died. so we need either the citizen to not exist in citizen management or have it say killed for ex.
24:50 in the video

I can really see that where the page is red, and there is a big K.I.A Stamped over their picture. Though is that happens may I also suggest that they get moved to the end of the roster?

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or what ever killed them hunger,kia,killed by natural thing, etc

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I agree, they should either get moved to the end of the roster, or just disappear to a separate tab or something. To bring up Dwarf Fortress again (as happens obviously, it seems, but then, it is a good game with many similar mechanics), that one has a separate page in the units overview for dead/missing. I think that’s preferable even over just end of the roster, because you still want to be able to get an immediate sense of how many live citizens you have as well.