China's regional game on steam price

In the November 4, Chinese currency on steam line platform, but has not yet determined the price game.

The game can now steam from RMB settlement.
–Other games such as:

Although stonehearth I have purchased. But the Chinese people have a lot of people want to buy the game. But now there is no “price.”

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We are hoping to set the price of the game as soon as possible.

I don’t really understand what you’re saying, but you want that China only needs to pay ~7€ for Stonehearth?

I mean it is not the purchase price on steam. (China Region)
Prices only suggested, I think the prices are more in line with China’s consumption levels.

So because they are poor, they have to pay less?
25 dollars is about 159 yuan, at least that is what google says

Hey there @law, I too am a bit confused at your feedback here. Specifically, what is the chart/table you included in the first post. Without column headers it is very tough to interpret it. Are you stating that you can not buy the game in Yuan at the moment, and would like it to be available in that currency? Or am I not understanding you correctly?

Now you can not buy stonehearth on steam.

Alright, let me page @sdee to see if she knows anything about Stonehearth on Steam in China.

@law Stonehearth is now enabled for sale on Steam in China (and India and Hong Kong and Taiwan). Steam just opened up the ability to sell in those countries, and we had to get our pricing approved. Enjoy!


Thanks !!! !!! stonehearth can buy it!

Thanks !!! has been resolved, you can buy stonehearth it!

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