Chests have a way to tell if it's full correct?

Well, I think the boolean, that sets it full or not, doesn’t work when you sell items to a merchant.

Obviously, it’s not as easy as it sounds to fix it, because the engine needs to recognize every chest that it withdraws from, then set the boolean for that chest to false, allowing the hearthlings to put items back into the chest. Currently, if I have a chest for hides, and it’s full - and a merchant comes along, and I sell all my hides to them… My hearthlings don’t realize that the chest that is now empty, is actually empty, because when you sell items to a merchant there is not boolean update to the chests it pulls from.

With all this said, I’d like it fixed eventually :slight_smile: it’s not game breaking, just annoying having to reset all my chests that I store stone in, and mass sell it all lol

Wait, what? All this talk about booleans and I’m not actually following what’s happening that shouldn’t be happening.

  1. Have chest
  2. Fill chest with hides
  3. Sell hides to merchant
  4. <— What should be here?

it should set the way they make the hearthlings know that the chest is full, to false, so that they will put some items back into the chest. They fixed it so that it does this for regular withdraws from hearthlings, but not so much for merchants

To answer question plainly, the chests should be marked as not full when you sell to the merchant

Oh, so chests “emptied” by selling items from them until none are left cannot be sold to merchants?

no, they are never restocked by hearthlings because they are never re-labeled as being not full

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Calling town alert doesn’t seem to help, but moving the container does.
Thanks for reporting this, @koala!