Cheat your way into more minerals

(sorry if this is already posted I didn’t see it on a quick viewing of past bugs.)

Summary: I stumbled on to this one while building a dwarven style Hearthling village. After you mine an area with resources, gold, iron, or even copper doesn’t matter you can get them back with the custom build option.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have your Hearthlings mine out the mineral in question.
  2. When mined out go to the build structure, custom build, select stone, pattern doesn’t matter and select the little bricks next to the building up top (the 3 or 4 standing off on their own).
  3. Make a new wall lets say 4x4x4 the size of the large mine tool, with the above stuff selected. (Size here doesn’t matter.)
  4. Once done select finished and start building.
  5. Re-Click on the new structure and click remove building. Then click Yes or whatever it says.
  6. Then what was there before will reappear with the minerals and stone like it had never mined.

Expected Results:
The minerals won’t come back, or the stone

Actual Results:
see number 6


Version Number and Mods in use:
Beta 0.18.0 No Mods

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