Cancelling a building doesn't prevent digging a pit

You can remove any building at any time during or after construction, which results in its destruction and (partial) return of resources. However if you remove a building after “planning” auto-phase but before it actually gets started, hearthlings will still dig out the pit for the foundation.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Plan a building and order to start constructing it.
  2. Wait for the auto-planning phase to finish.
  3. Pause the game. Ensure there are some hearthlings going to work on it (better turn visible pathing on) but no actions were done yet (no digging and no blocks placed).
  4. Order to remove the building.
  5. Unpause the game.

Expected Results:
Building removed without trace, hearthlings get reassigned new tasks.

Actual Results:
The building plan does get removed, but the digging order does not. Hearthlings will still dig the pit out, although the foundation it is intended for no longer exists.

Version Number:

great idea to force everyone to mine twice as fast :grin:

I have had the same issue. Considering there is no way to replace grass tiles it kinda ruins your settlement.

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still waiting for the day the devs wake up and realize they just need things to work like minecraft so that you can eliminate all these little problems. why else make the world out of blocks if you cant literally customize each block?