Characters stuck in dining tables

Characters stuck in dining tables
When you place three tables in a row characters find it really difficult to place them, they come and go multiple times. Then, if they are placed - they cannot remove them. It seems that it reproduces more often if villagers try to approach them from a corner.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place three tables in a row touching each other at diagonal of a campfire
  2. Try to remove all of them

Expected Results:
No problems with placing or removing non-overlapped objects.
Video depicting problem:

Hey there @poccomaxa, welcome to the Discourse! Would you mind confirming what version of the game you were playing when the bug occured?

I can confirm this bug / glitch in the most recent build. It happens to me a lot :wink:

Can also confirm. Trying to build the shared dining hall template sometimes makes my hearthlings glitch out when placing the tables. a13r489 Happens probably once every 3 or 4 times

Another confirmation. Attempting to build the default shared dining hall, and whilst two of the tables–in my case the far right, and second from the left–were placed fine, every hearthling attempting to place the remaining two got stuck on the corners of the existing tables. I was able to rip the second one from the left up somehow, but the far right table cannot be picked back up. It seems that the issue only occurs when hearthlings attempt to place/remove tables at diagonal angles to them.

Using release-489 (x64).

I can confirm as well. Hearthlings get stuck on tables, chairs, and occasionally fences when coming at them from an angle to place something. Hearthlings also don’t really prioritize undeploying objects, so the hearthling is either stuck there until someone is free to undeploy what they are stuck on, or their needs win out. In the latter circumstance, I’ve gotten upwards of three or four hearthlings stuck trying to place the same item all in a row.

Definitely a bug, thanks for all the reports!

For reference, you should be able to get your hearthlings unstuck by typing ctrl +
c, clicking on the stuck hearthling, and typing reset.


I get this problem a lot

Hey there @LittleOracle, welcome the the Discourse! Thanks for letting us know about the error. Most of the devs are on a (well deserved) vacation this week, but I am sure they will take a look at this when they return.

I never experienced this bug before, but it started happening to me in Rayya’s Children, where the tables in the dining hall don’t touch at all. They can be placed with no problem, but if I try and remove them, often 2 of the tables cannot be interacted with and the worker trying will begin to vibrate.

reopen or duplicate Worker stuck on table

My worker finished his meal at the top of a table… and is not able to come down again by themself. (see screenshot)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place a dining table with 4 chairs around (see screenshot)
  2. Wait till the hearthings eat
    → works in 90% but one is managed to finish the meal ON the table

Expected Results:
No units should stuck anywere. Stucking units should be able to “call for help” or “help themself” (maybe they take damage…).
Also no units should stuck after eating^^

Actual Results:
see screenshot

happens only once.
Similuar stucks are happen with placed bushes.

related or reopen


Version Number and Mods in use:
0.14.0 develop (2860) x64 build
no mods in use

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With this save game it happens very often. And it is always the farmer how idles on the table. But it looks like he is not stucking there, just idling (and wachting the weather?).