Changing building material while building a road

I don’t know if this bug is already known but i didn’t find similar topics.
In building designer, if you design a road from a material and then you select the road and change the material, the look of the road changes correctly (to the new material’s color), but if you then select finish, the materials needed for the road are still the old material.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Draw a road
  2. Select it
  3. Change material
  4. Click finish

Expected Results:
The materials needed are the materials we changed to.

Actual Results:
The materials needed are still the original materials

Altough the bug is obvious with roads, i tried to trigger it with slabs too, and i found a really similar but a bit different bug. If you build something from slabs, then select it and change materials, the look doesn’t change, but if you continue building it with the new different material and select finish, the materials needed are only the original material.

The Road bug:

I would put more pictures here, but new users can only have one pic/post :confused:

Version Number and Mods in use:
release-707 (x64)
no mods

System Information:
Not sure if this is needed.


Thanks for reporting this, @FlitYa :slightly_smiling_face: