Changelist in new versions

It is very difficult for translators to do something if in income versions change everything. To do this, I think a list of files that are modified in each update should be a priority.

Besides, it costs them nothing to make a changelist. They can even serve game developers to see what they have done.

PD: I refer to a list of FILE changes. No new upgrades in each version.

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Hi @Joseahfer ,
This Alpha 12 localization change should be the last big change. From Alpha 12 onward, all strings that need translation will be in en.json so you don’t have to look at any other files.
Hopefully this resolves the problem of needing a changelist for translation.


Hello, @yshan
Quite useful, thank you very much. However, some variables have to be changed due to Spanish.

For example: “Kingdom name” population (in Daily Update)
To: Población de “Kingdom name”


for this yshan also helps with the update of the stonehearth own Translation helper tool from THK

when the tool is up-to-date you can easily compare the localization files :wink:

and for your example- just do it ^^ aslong you dont remove the quoted array it accept the change - the quoted array says the system where to add the name of the kingdom :wink: also you will see in the new en.json that the quotes are changed :wink:

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