Change upgraded worker outfit for females

The upgraded female worker outfit isn’t that different from the default outfit. I originally thought it wasn’t updating at all. It’s hard to tell they have one equipped in the character portrait.

The male one is so different, it’d be nice if the female one was as well.


if radiant dont want todo it perhaps @Kittyodoom can make something and i add it to lomc

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KoD_FancyLadies.qb (155.0 KB)

How’s that?


while i do like it, i feel like the gradient in the lighter color doesn’t go well with the stonehearth style…

Wow that looks really cool. While I do agree, the gradient makes it look a little busy, I doubt it would look that way zoomed out. It’s also obviously a different outfit, which was my problem with the original outfit.

ok i will wait what kitty means to your both comments and when its clear i will add it to Lomc ^^

Well, this is it more zoomed out;

But if the folds don’t work, s’alright then;

Simpler effect it is

KoD_FancyLadies2.qb (155.0 KB)