Female worker portrait not upating


If a female worker equips an ‘Upgraded Worker Outfit’ the portrait doesn’t change to reflect this. It updates for male workers and both genders seem to update for other classes.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have a female worker equip an ‘Upgraded Worker Outfit’.

Expected Results:

Once equipped the portrait should update.

Actual Results:

Portrait should change to reflect new outfit.


Doesn’t seem to happen with other classes.


Version Number and Mods in use:

Develop-3013 (x64)
Terrain Colours mod

System Information:

It updates fine. :sweat_smile:

Look at the difference:

This is the default female worker outfit for ascendancy:

This is the upgraded worker outfit:

They are very similar, but the upgraded doesn’t have the pocket pattern in the chest.


Okay, I can see the difference. It’s very subtle though. Wouldn’t have seen it if you hadn’t pointed it out,

the male one is so much more obvious.


Yup. If you look at it carefully, the white part has a different shape:

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Well, at least there’s the Buff icon when they wear the upgraded outfit, the yellow heart =(

I agree that it’s hard to notice for the females, maybe a suggestion can be made to change it a bit.

Yeah, is there a way to close this and change it to a suggestion or do I just leave it as is?

Just create a new topic in the #suggestions category, it’ll be cleaner. You can put a link to this thread in the suggestion to help describing the reason for it.