Challenge to the Modding community

I would like someone to create a mod for me that makes it so that you can roll each of the seven starting villagers individually.

I like the idea.
Whats about a point buy system like in the Dungeons and Dragons games for every individual Villager? I mean at the end you want to have certain stats for them, why not “buying” them?

I like this concept, though what if you were to tweak the concept to make it so that you start with the normal Random 6-die roll for the base stat, and allow a point pool to be used across all Hearthlings, rather than per Hearthling.

As a simple/quick example, across the Herathlings you start with, you get, say, 5 points to spend on any of their attributes. So you can bump several attributes up by 1, or if there is a 1 and you want a 6, you can bump it up by 5.

Similarly, D&D also has (not sure if 5th does or not) a set series of stats to choose from, so you could have different combinations if you wanted…like:


I brought this up because I like to start with at least 3 specific villagers. My farmer (1-6-1), Herbalist (1-6-4), and my Foot Soldier (1-6-6). But I usually end up settling on only having 1 or 2 of these in the initial group because I have to sit there and reroll the entire group for a long time just to get even 1 in some cases. I have a whole list of villager specs I like [like the Trapper (1-1-6), the Carpenter/Potter (6-3-1), the cook (6-6-1), the Blacksmith/weaver (3-3-1), ect.] The Farmer and the Foot Soldier are the main ones that I try to start every village with no matter who else I get though.