Cat fanciers unite! Expanding the Animal Trainer!

Before I start, let’s get something out of the way. The Animal Trainer was a class that will be added to stonehearth because the 240,000 dollar stretch goal in the kickstarter was reached. And, as a brief personal opinion, I think that rather than both the Rancher and the Big Game Hunter being promoted to Beastmaster, I say that the Big Game Hunter should become the Beastmaster, and the Rancher should become the Animal Trainer. Now onto what this article is really about. Seeing the multiple breeds of kitten and puppy gave me an idea. Why not have wildcats that could eventually become normal cats? I know this may seem weird, but let me explain. The Animal Tamer could tame a wildcat. The point of having wildcats around would be, just like their real-life counterparts, to get rid of pest. After a few generations, these cats (or dogs!) would eventually, after multiple generations, become domestic cats. Many of you are probably asking: “what would the point of kickstarter pets be?” the answer is simple; they would give a huge headstart in the sense of already having these animals, rather than having to promote an Animal Tamer and then start with the wildcat. Plus, you could participate in cat fanciers contest sooner! Let me explain. The HCFA (Hearthling Cat Fanciers Association) would, on a yearly basis, visit and see if you have any cats worth competing. If you do, they would welcome you to join the contest. You would bring one cat and one hearthling of your choice to the contest. They would go off to a city (or, if your city is big enough, your city) and there, the annual HCFA cat show would be held. Your results would be random-ish, but it helps for your cat to have good stats and a fancy coat! All this would apply to dogs, except they would have a more athletic show. This is where your Tamer comes in. The tamer could breed selective cats for the best stats as well as the fanciest coat and such.

Tell me what you guys think of my crazy cat-oriented idea, and I’ll see ya later!