Cant build roofs/random logs left on buildings/Notification spam

Three bugs here. These are all on the Alpha 8, not the latest dev version.

Firstly, upon loading a save, all the notifications play. Like, every single one I ever got since I started said village.

Secondly, my builders cannot seem to make roofs, on custom buildings only. In the presets, they can make them fine, but any customs they can’t quite make them. I’ve tried several different buildings, no dice.

Finally, my guys tend to leave logs on the custom buildings (and ladders for some reason.)

I’d provide pics, but perm issue O.o

hey there @TruthfulCake… welcome aboard! :smile:

feel free to toss your screenshots up to imgur (or any free hosting site) and I’ll embed them for you…

I tried providing the links, but that didnt work.

Not using the .jpg endings helped in the end

indeed… until you have been here a bit longer, this process is blocked for new users…

but the images are directly embedded now… thanks! :+1:

Thanks man. I’ll report back after I reinstall, because a mate I play with says he doesnt have these issues.

no worries! :smile:

as for the issues, the first and third are well known (and reported elsewhere)… as for the custom roof issue, i’ll wait to see if anyone else is familiar with the issue (or knows about an existing report)…

are you running the latest Steam unstable build?