Cannot run Shed

The SHED inside the SH folder does not work for me. At all. (Maybe if I uninstall SH completely and re-DL it…). I have actually got it to load 3 times in a row by building the x64 debug version and running that .exe as administrator. (Also i point it at the steam uploads folder). I still cannot use the recipe editor because I get the same “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” though…
My PC and I are in an epic battle for control, and whereas it WILL win eventually, I have reigned it in for today!

Yeah, don’t go to the recipe editor if you haven’t fixed all paths in your mod files to point to existing images / etc.

Though the recipe editor doesn’t work for custom recipes unless they’re from a custom/new crafter, since SHED ignores mixintos and overrides.

:+1: Thanks!

Im having this exact issue right now. I had moved a mod folder out, now shed wont open. I dont have the know how to run the github version. Was this issue ever resolved?

Hi there, sorry if you already got notified about the thread, learning how this forum works. I was wondering if you ever fixed this issue?

I honestly don’t remember now. I know at one point I uninstalled and reinstalled Stonehearth so SHED would ask me the root directory again.
Is there any way to put that folder back in and reboot SHED? you could then point it at a new directory, make any changes to your mod folders, then redirect it.
Just a thought. I will keep looking into it, though!

I did a full uninstall, delete folder, reinstall, asked for folder, same issue. I cant help but think maybe i need to reinstall the redistributable

So my SHED just stopped working again for some reason. Out of frustration I copied the entire shed folder out of my stonehearth folder and pasted it to the desktop. When I opened the folder and ran the .exe it asked for my root mod folder and loaded right up. I suggest you try this. Let me know!