Cannot run Shed


The SHED inside the SH folder does not work for me. At all. (Maybe if I uninstall SH completely and re-DL it…). I have actually got it to load 3 times in a row by building the x64 debug version and running that .exe as administrator. (Also i point it at the steam uploads folder). I still cannot use the recipe editor because I get the same “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” though…
My PC and I are in an epic battle for control, and whereas it WILL win eventually, I have reigned it in for today!


Yeah, don’t go to the recipe editor if you haven’t fixed all paths in your mod files to point to existing images / etc.

Though the recipe editor doesn’t work for custom recipes unless they’re from a custom/new crafter, since SHED ignores mixintos and overrides.


:+1: Thanks!