Can you set an URI path to result in an iconic form?

Is it possible? :thinking:

  • searching for a way to change an object that is in an iconic form, like in stockpile, to change into another iconic.

If the item has iconic, that is what will be created. For example, a table when crafted does not appear as a full table, just its iconic. The real table will only appear when you order it to be placed.

Didn’t know that. Hm, I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to abuse the evolve function to change the entity for another but only if the thing is in an iconic form, like in a stockpile.

The evolve component looks explicitly for placed objects, so iconics will not work with that.

Oh, ok. Too bad.

I had a similar issue when creating my cooling service. I needed an entity to be transformed inside of storage and so I needed its iconic form. You could perhaps create a new component based on the evolve component using the same logic I did, calling forth the iconic form (although I dunno how feasible this is since I didn’t look at the evolve component)

Alternatively, depending on what you have in mind, you could use the cooling system as well (from my core mod) :slight_smile: let me know if the idea interests you :merry:

Hi! :merry:

I actually already looked inside the cooling service :female_detective: I’m also a noob at modding so I don’t know how to work that into my thing to do what I need :thinking: I need a placed entity to evolve “forwards”, which is a thing I got working. I also need the iconic of the same entity to evolve “backwards” and into another iconic. I can program the evolve service to only react to the iconic but it reaches out for the placed object, not the iconic evolution when triggering… Hm… do you think the cooling service might be able to deal with that?

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The cooling service would be able to make an iconic entity “change” into another iconic entity - it supports changes inside specific containers (its true purpose, actually) BUT that isn’t obligatory. It also supports changes anywhere since it was based on the Food_Decay service :smiley:

If the object has an iconic form, it will prefer to change to the iconic form before changing to other forms :slight_smile:

PS: I’m also a noob, so no worries about that, we can learn together :jubilant:

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Hm, :thinking: I’ll poke my code with your cooling service and let you know how it did :merry:

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Alright :smiley:

The file contains info on how to use it, should you need. Otherwise, feel free to message me :merry: