Can we discuss the changes in A.20 Eating twice a day?

What @Fitzik mentions does happen. I have seen the hearthlings pick up raw food instead of cooked food many times, when there was plenty of cooked food available. The only reason it seems, the raw food was closer.
Althought I always considered it good. It gave variety to the diet.

Have fun, Kyth.

Update: Just to check if the wrong eating behaviour was due to something else I unistalled the game and installed it again. It now works as it should. Hearthlings eat cooked food without problems.

Have Fun, Kyth.


Issues with eating raw over cooked food? Paging @not_owen_wilson.

If anyone has a save w/ a repro environment, I know he’d appreciate that :slight_smile:

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Thanks for all the feedback! It sounds like there are still rough edges, but we didn’t end up blowing up the game (phew!). As for the happiness in the daily update, we took it out as a safety measure for now until we get more positive generating thoughts inside of the system. To be entirely transparent however I am interested in re-evaluating how hearthlings come to the town as a whole; I’d really like their introduction to be much more story driven via encounters and events. I don’t know what that looks like yet, but it’s something I’m mulling on. In the mean time happiness may come back to the town update once we’ve gotten more feedback from you guys.


It’d be nice to have smaller goals hand-in-hand with new hearthlings. So the first few waves would have requirements like “have built two buildings” “be producing food from farm” or “have one extra bed ready” sort of stuff. At least to start with. It’d even sort of work as a tutorial/guideline. THe drawback being you’re restricting what the player should be doing/how they design their town.


That just feels too gamey to me. I feel like these very different objectives would get annoying on future playthroughs if it’s just one linear sequence and there’s no good story reason for it.