Can we choose the perks?

Hello there. Is there a mod that we could choose the perks? I mean mind, body, spirit points and special perks. Like “passionate knight”, “courageous”. I want to gave the perk to a hearthling.

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There isn’t at this point. Something I’ve wanted for my mod since the beginning.

I’ve always wondered why not? Obviously I don’t mod. So I dont know the ins and outs, but I see some of the things people have created and I just find it hard to not be able to have a trait mod that just let’s you cycle through them.

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Ow this is sad. I want this so bad. Because all the time when i opened a new game, clicking randomize thousands of times. This is so boring.

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I’m sure anyone who has played any decent amount of time will agree, Rolling for Traits at the roster screen can take up to 30 minutes…

The main problem I remember was that there is no “template” or reference for us modders to look at and set up a “Trait Selector”

@OwlGo my friend in real life who worked on my mod with me was able to do some awesome things with Character Customization

He was able to add 2 additional categories for that allow you to pick Eye Color, and Accessories.

When trying to take that knowledge over in order to make a “Trait Selector” would be harder than we thought. It would require him to completely create a new selector that would be positioned in the right area of the screen. Also, he’d have to call upon the game’s traits and pick one in a list so it would work.

Problem there again, is that at the time of trying the Developers had not informed us modders of important code names for us to “call” in order to apply a trait to a selector.
Basically, we don’t know how the game chooses to assign a trait to a citizen for us to use that info and make a mod that allows you to simply pick your trait.

Again, I’ve wanted this for nearly 2 years now. Asking the Devs on streams back when they streamed, and bugging my friend as often as he could take it haha I just don’t see it happening.

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I think I’ve seen this pop up a couple of times, and I like the idea of getting to select my traits for my initial embarkation, but I think I understand the idea behind why it wasn’t designed that way initially. Traits aren’t meant to be a thing you can min/max in the same way that stats aren’t meant to be a thing you can adjust and min/max. Each hearthling is an individual while their stats and traits are their “personality”. And, for good or ill, a community is built on and around these personalities.

On the other hand, there are occasions where I want to embark with someone familiar…like a hearthling that reminds me of my Grandfather who was a bit of a Jokester and a Passionate Carpenter, or my Grandmother who should probably have Greenthumb because she enjoyed gardening and maybe Passionate Herbalist since she was a nurse.

I think there’s merit to both approaches and I would like the ability to choose traits for my starting hearthlings…but maybe limit that to the initial embarkation if possible?

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you know, there could be a 50/50 between that. xcom 2’s system might ork. you design hearthlings and save them in adance, make a roster of them. and they can appear at random points in time when you need new hearthlings. maybe after ACE is done someone like @paulthegreat could think on if something like that would be possible?

I’ve always only wanted it for initial roster select. Every citizen afterwards I’m fine with being random. The whole point to the main roster screen is to customize your starters, I just always was upset with the limits on it though.