Can I use roads as floors?

Hi all,

Just had a few questions and thoughts that I couldn’t find information on elsewhere.

Do hearthlings move faster on indoor floors as they do on roads?
If not, can i use roads indoors as flooring to make them all move faster while working inside?
I noticed when placing roads indoors, outlines appear around furniture when i build. What do these outlines mean?

Thanks for your time and input!

Yes, they move the same speed as if it was a road (they’re both something other than grass). The outlines just mean they are boardering with another build.

Well you say that nikia but I’m not sure if they move as fast on floor as on road. But you can definitely use road as floor.

I’m confused, isn’t the road in the floors section ?

i concider roads the things under the road button. floors the things you get when you build rooms.