Dirt paths and roads

Dear T.R … I am a great fan of your game and i have been following the devblogs ever since the kickstarter.
I have seen and i appreciate the attention that was given to the house interior in the latest update of the game and i
must say thankyou, it looks epic. For i have a suggestion now that we are there, Simple dirt paths and paved stone roads would be much appreciated if added in the next update. I know this may seem confusing but please. I think this is the first time i’ve ever spent that much time making a forum post in my entire life you have to consider this a great achievement that will be marked in this forum’s history for ever. People will see me as the great hero of the forum discourse because … oh well… We’re not in the main subject anymore D: If you kept reading up until now tell me and i’ll send you a pack of fresh ownerpure cookies from home. now this began to be a big waste of time but oh welll… thank you for reading all of this message even tho half of it was out-subject.

lots of love, Kanji-san

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