Buildings that are made out of only fences doesn't work

When creating buildings/templates out of only fences and/or decorations doesn´t work, the game makes it as a finished building, but if you save the building, you can’t place it on the World.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a building made out of only fences and/or decorations, save it and build it.
  2. Try to place the saved template on the World.
  3. The template will never be placed.

Expected Results:
The template Will be placed on the World for build.
Actual Results:
The template never shows up on the World, so it’s impossible to build it.
This only happens if you make a building with ONLY fences & decorations, i made another building made out of fences and added a block to the template, and the last one Works fine.
This is the first building, you can notice that even the ghost building i’ts still there, even after the building is on a done state, this one can’t be placed on the world

This is the second building, on this one still remains the ghost building even after done, but this template can be placed on the World without problems, only because i used blocks on this one.

Here you can see that the last one is on preview before being placed on the World, but the first one can’t.

This problem actually has been since the beginning of the new builder, since i started to make the Farm fences, and noticed a few things:

  1. they can’t be saved.
  2. after an update, the fences only building can be saved but not placed.
  3. the fences only building can only be placed if it has at least a block on the template.
  4. when you finish a building, the heathlings make a Little celebration About it, but with this ones, they never did it.
  5. The ghost building still remains even after the done state, i know that if you place fences and rooms on the same template, the ghost building dissapears after the finished celebration.

So this issue actually has been there for quite the time, but never posted About since it was the early stages of the new builder, an so thought that it Will be fixed after the new builder gets fully implemented, but noticed that it’s still there after that.

I made the search About this to find a similar post, but never found something similar, so i guess im the only one (or one of the few, personal opinion) that only tried to make a building template out of only fences.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest Branch, Developer tools mod