Building is changing position after click (floating)

When I try to construct a house against the wall it changes place (floats)

Steps to reproduce:
PS: apparently only happens against the wall in some cases

  1. choose an house to build
  2. place as close as possible to a completely flat wall and smaller than the house
  3. after confirming the position the house should float at the height of the wall

I have a lot of saves and I do not know if it’s coincidence but it happens only in the desert map.
maybe this post may be related


ps: please, disregard the pointer position, it was a bug on my recording app

Game Save: (7.6 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods, 0.22.0 release-737 (x64)

System Information:
Windows 10
Core I5-6267U 2.9Ghz
Intel Iris 550

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