Building Furniture Inside Tunnel Elevation

Using the mining to create tunnels and place tunnel doors my Hearthlings somehow managed to place a door inside of the solid wall/ceiling of the tunnel. Once placed it cannot be removed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Mine a tunnel
  2. Build and place a door near the gap, it can snap to the wall above the gap
  3. Wait until Hearthlings build the door
  4. Select the door and queue it for removal

Expected Results:
The door is removed.
Actual Results:
Nothing happens to the door, it remains forever trapped in the wall.
I manually created several ladders to try and prompt a removal but nothing happened.

Version Number and Mods in use:
r-593 x64
No Mods
System Information:

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I’ve had this happen; it seems to be related to things not being able to be placed where they’re intended, due to other objects being in the way, insufficient space, or the like. If I were to guess (and I were) I’d say it’s related to the slice tool in terms of how the game decides to handle the situation, as it doesn’t appear to recognize the existence of a roof or ceiling you’ve sliced away. I’ve found myself stuck underground before when I’ve deactivated Slice and suddenly the camera can’t leave.