[Building Editor - Gameplay] House level

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it’s been a while for me in here, so i’m not rly up to date. Hope my thoughts aren’t old ones for you, the search showed me nothing like it, so …

How about different level for houses?
You could open the editor, design your wished building, set it’s level and save it.
So, if your city is growing and getting richer, you could click this building again, and if you designed a lvl 2 house made of stone instead of wood, you just need to click “upgrade” and your hearthlings will rebuild this house with the next design.
And, perhaps i would extend the assignment of bed’s to hearthlings, that you could assign a house to hearthlings. In the editor you could choos for how many hearthlings.

And perhaps there should be a popup menue for houses, so you could sort’em by categories like military, crafting, living, farming or something like this.

This had been my thoughts about the actuall Alpha.
I rly, rly, rly² love your work and be happy to follow it from time to time. Kepp on the good things!

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I don’t think that an upgrade button fits in with what your trying to do, because you’re not really upgrading your house. Stone is no better than wood; it’s all for aesthetics. What I would want would be different color schemes for that are custom made by the user. Like in the Sims when choosing items and clothing.

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Also also something that would be cool would be a replace, patch, or make button for doors and windows, but I’m sure someone already made a post on that.

It’s an interesting concept though! I’d like to see it explored more

as a foundation, we need:

  • editable design independent of the actual building present. If needed, we can replace the existing one with a new template design totally (e.g. a wooden house replaced with a stone house, or the existing house ‘expanded’ with new attached rooms/structures. but it can really be anything over the same space)
  • “modify” a house to convert just those parts of the actual structure different from the new plan into what the new plan specify.

The actual “upgrading” UI/interface, can be just a wrapper around the basic functions.
E.g. an “upgrade” button could do this behind the UI

  1. replace the existing template with another template which is meta-dataed as the next “upgrade”, preserving the appropriate position and orientation.
  2. activate the “build” command for the new template, which then incrementally modify the real building in the space to the one in the new template, while preserving those that are already the same.

EDIT: the “upgrade path” itself can probably be tied to a culture, but it would be interesting if we can link our own templates to create a sequence such that when the reference to the next “upgrade” template exists, it can show the “upgrade” option (or just won’t show if the referenced template is missing).

Hello again,

or perhaps something like an building tech tree?

instead of the campfire, we’ll get an campfire in front of a little tent, wich ist the techlvl 0 of our townhall.

What Justin told us, that there is no difference between wood and stone makes me thinking about, if this shouldn’t be rearranged, cause a wooden home is less stable than one made of stone ( in RL ) … so, perhaps there should be some sort of progress even in the materials i think.

Our townhall techlvl 0 get’s automatically an upgrade button if we reaches (enter beloved Networth points here) and could be upgraded by our hearthlings, if we have all the materials. Upgraded onto techlvl 1 we now have access to new buildings.
IMHO i would like to start with tents. I didn’t try to build any, but hey … why not? I mean, our earthlings are settlers, and most time settlers don’t carry enough things around to build instant houses out of nowhere.
After a few tents and farming wood and things they should get more “knowledge” to build wooden homes. such an techtree could look like:

-tent tech lvl 0 0
-greater tent tech lvl 0.1 1
- hunters tent
- soldiers tent
-log cabin tech lvl 1 2
- sawmill
- healers cabin
-half-timber house tech lvl 1.1 3
- bakery
- farm
-Stone walled house tech lvl 2 4
- barracks
- forge
-greater stone walled house tech lvl 2.1 5
- temple
- hospital

for all of this houses there is an default design, but you are able to save your own designs as a replacement, or even with more steps between like an greater log cabin tech lvl 1.1, and the half-timbered gets the tech lvl 1.2.
And all buildings are linked with our townhall, so if we upgrade the townhall, all other buildings are getting even the upgrade button.
For the place buildings need, a tent needs less space than an greater stone walled house … 2 thoughts. Thought one, the buildings get a buildingszone around from the beginning with the place needed for the highest tech lvl, or, thought two, if you wanna upgrade a house and the next upgrade needs more place, you’ll get this house onto your cursor and are able to replace it.

best regards