Build large unit piece by piece mechanic

I didn’t find anything similar so I decided to make new thread.

Now let’s say I would like to build a huge titansized steamy robot unit.
Is it possible to script build mechanic to work like with normal buildings but when building is ready, it can be activated(or automatically) to convert into a unit, and like make it rise from it’s knees to it’s full height when pilot enters?

I would love to model, animate and make this unit hard to build because of large quantities of metal and some other materials it would need.
There’s also this other idea I had with stacking large chunk of stone mold, then adding some lava in the mold and when the metal cools down, some geomancer could activate it and it would explode out of the stone mold with it’s huge 2-handed sword.

I’m not promising anything if it’s possible, but I’d like to try.


You could probably do it, think we are getting the same API’s they made the game with, anything is possible as long as you have the know how of animation, scripting in lua etc.

I want to be able to make it so you can attack certain parts of a ttian to get extra materials to create armour, its not what Radiant intend, but it sure would be do-able as long as I have some sort of decent coding and animation knowledge

Thats what I think anyway

convert a building into a mechanized unit? well, i suppose anything is possible… :smile:

this will obviously be an extremely script (Lua) intensive effort, so my advice would be to learn from what we’re exposed to in the preview, and use that to make incremental steps towards something of this scale…


I would love to see this made. I thought about a mod something similar. But it is on the backburner now, cause of god-like-script-coding needed.
So I am in full support :blush:

So it seems it’s worth a shot! :grin:

Holy crud, though. “If” (obligatory) any of you guys have seen Shadow of Israphel (if not, you should go back to your Place of Banishment), then you would see a very good example of it right there.

Yes, please! I would love to see this happen, so much so that I am willing to donate for anyone who is doing REAL, PRODUCTIVE work on it.

Just brainstorming a bit @MaZa

At one point we should be able to create “blueprints” for houses. You could go ahead and create a blueprint as the base of your robot. We should be able to adjust the required resources without too much efforts, so this part could work right out of the box. Once a building is finished it will for sure fire an event (somehow our workers need to know that they are done). So also this would be rather “standard”.

At this point you have a building which is the base of your creature, it was expensive and you know that it is done. All without too much coding-effort.

Now it becomes a bit more tricky. You will need to define how the house (static item) turns into a robot (unit or mount). I guess the easiest way would be to take the event which is fired once the building is done and use it to do two things:

  • instantly destroy the building (e.g. set “health” of all elements to 0).
  • spawn a robot on the same location (as a stand-alone unit).

Again, both actions should not require too much coding. Implementing the new unit would also not take too much effort as you could take an existing one and “copy & paste” all code. However, I guess what would take most of the effort is to create the design (the base should look like the house you’ve reflected in the blueprint) and animation (walking, fighting, idle, etc.).

Overall should be quite achievable and from my point of view less a coding effort than one where you need to focus on design / animation.


If I can’t do it I hope someone else will, I want to see it in action in one way or another :grin:

Yeah, I was thinking something like that remove-house-spawn-entity stuff. We’ll see.

Btw, I might come up with some concepts, in that case I’ll put them here.