Bugtracking Tool

Will there ever be a real bug tracker? There are a couple of free trackers (e.g. mantis which is also used by Prison Architect) out there, it’d be way easier to help out with bugs.
A discourse is not really clearly arranged IMO.

We’ve raised this with the team before, I believe they have an internal solution and are aware of a lot of the bugs we experience, but obviously miss the occasional one. As such it’s beneficial for them to have a quick browse of the forums, see if things occur which they haven’t ran into yet, and go from there.

I suppose it then becomes a case of, will we ever have a public facing bug tracker, maybe, maybe not, all depends if it takes anymore work than what they currently do/ if it is worthwhile from an end user perspective.


indeed, this has been discussed a time or two… but it seems the team is leveraging an internal tool called Trello…

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