Bug when creating a house

release-707 (x64)[M]
…arth/services/client/selection/selection_service.lua:80: attempt to index local ‘blueprint’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
…arth/services/client/selection/selection_service.lua:80: in function ‘floor_xz_region_support_filter’
…arth/services/client/selection/selection_service.lua:163: in function ‘_find_support_filter_fn’
…rth/services/client/selection/xz_region_selector.lua:330: in function ‘filter_fn’
…nehearth/services/client/selection/selector_util.lua:23: in function ‘get_selected_brick’
…rth/services/client/selection/xz_region_selector.lua:305: in function ‘_get_brick_at’
…rth/services/client/selection/xz_region_selector.lua:531: in function ‘_on_mouse_event’
…rth/services/client/selection/xz_region_selector.lua:842: in function '_mouse_cb’
stonehearth/services/client/input/input_capture.lua:55: in function '_dispatch’
stonehearth/services/client/input/input_service.lua:70: in function '_dispatch_input’
stonehearth/services/client/input/input_service.lua:12: in function <stonehearth/services/client/input/input_service.lua:11>

Steps to reproduce:

  1. create 2 floor not connected
  2. create wall for 1 floor + add floor R+1
  3. create with block a wall on the 2° floor with no wall
  4. place bloc on the 2° wall for go near the first construc.(bear the floor R+1)
  5. whis this all create one only build so here click on UNDO
    –> error. (i think it is a have make.) --> wanted to delete the connected block

Expected Results:
–> delete the block

Actual Results:
–> 2° floor deleted but the wall bloc not deleted !


Version Number and Mods in use:
up to date + mod for terrain

System Information:

Hi, Could you explain what happened in layman’s terms please?
I have had glitches with custom blueprints, could you specify the exact situation because from what I am understanding is that you tried to delete a block of the floor or of the second floor walls?

I myself cannot understand exactly what happened, maybe someone will, but from what I gather I think that that the problem is due to the game thinking you want to remove the floor or wall of the and this implies having to remove stuff attached to it that depend on its existance, like roof, windows, etc that depend on the structure that the game thought you want to remove

Eager to help you further!

Maybe someone from staff can help you out too!